Project Management Essentials – «be inspired»

Projects are important for the vast majority of organizations. Project managers, project owners and project team members with the necessary project management expertise and skills are crucial if projects are to succeed. Experience indicates, however, that projects often fail to deliver the expected outcomes – generally because good project management practice has not been applied. This course is an introduction to the most important and fundamental factors for successful projects and project management.

After the course you will know more about projects and project management in modern organizations:

  • Projects and project management in modern organizations
  • The recipe for “good practice” in project management
  • Organization, roles and responsibilities
  • Planning and implementation
  • Managing risk
  • Success criteria for successful projects

The course will give you important insights that you can apply to increase the likelihood of succeeding in your own projects. The course also builds the foundation you will need if you wish to further develop your project management competence by taking additional courses and acquiring more experience through new project challenges.